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The MAGA Default Crisis

The MAGA majority is promising to hold the economy hostage.

In exchange for doing the bare minimum — paying the government's bills — MAGA Republicans are putting critical programs like Medicaid and Public Education on the chopping block. This reckless GOP plan will force a MAGA Default Crisis. House Democrats must send a message loud and clear: American's lives and livelihoods are not bargaining chips.

Kevin McCarthy and the extremists in the House GOP just passed a bill that creates the ultimate MAGA Catch-22 – they want us to choose between a catastrophic default crisis that would devastate our economy, or plunging hardworking families into poverty.

The GOP plan would cut Medicaid, jeopardizing health care for 21 million people who count on it, especially children with disabilities and seniors in nursing homes. The GOP plan would also slash K-12 Education, eliminating 108,000 teachers’ jobs and impacting over 32 million kids. We can’t let this happen.

President Biden has stood strong, calling out the GOP as bad-faith hostage-takers, and demanding Congress fulfill its obligation to avoid a default crisis without strings attached. We need every Democrat in the house to do the same and unite with President Biden to oppose the MAGA Default Crisis, and refuse any cuts to Medicaid, Education or other programs families rely on.

Join Us For A Week of Action!

MAGA is trying to gut Medicaid and slash funding for teachers and our schools. We know the best way for Indivisibles to combat MAGA extremism is to tackle it head on, so that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Indivisible is calling for a MAGA Default Crisis Week Of Action from May 19th - May 26th. Host a MAGA Default Crisis event that builds urgency, stiffens Democrat’s’ spines, and calls out MAGA extremism by generating earned media through splashy, press-worthy events!

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House Democrats

Most Democratic Members of Congress are refusing to engage in bad faith negotiations with MAGA Republicans. Make sure they know you appreciate their commitment.

Thank Your Representative
MAGA Extremists

It is unacceptable that MAGA Republicans are playing politics with our livelihoods. As a constituent, demand that they represent you and pass a clean debt ceiling increase.

Demand to be Heard

For MAGA Republicans, the chaos is the point.

The MAGA extremists in the House have jammed through a bill with a wish list of their toxic policies, setting us up for a MAGA Default Crisis. They’re holding the economy hostage by forcing an impossible choice between avoiding the economic chaos of default and severe funding cuts that would plunge millions of people and hardworking families into poverty.

In true GOP fashion, they’ve given their plan a name that in no way accurately describes what it does (the “Limit, Save, and Grow Act”), in the hopes of tricking us into thinking they have our best interests in mind. But in reality, their plan would cut more than 22% of the funding for the critical programs that our communities rely on. We know that MAGA is all about playing political games and that despite the name, this bill is all about furthering their extreme agenda and driving us towards a MAGA Default crisis.

Letter to the EditorLetters to the Editor!

Republican's extreme approach to governing will have severe, wide-reaching impacts. Send a letter to your local paper, and help get attention on this looming default crisis.

Use our LTE templates!
Call ScriptCall your Representative!

Demand that they oppose any scheme that risks default, and tell them—as their constituent—that you expect them not to play cruel games that will impact you and your community.

Call your Rep!

Thank your members of Congress for committing to avoid a MAGA Default Crisis without allowing MAGA cuts.

Democratic Members of Congress are refusing to engage in bad faith negotiations with MAGA Republicans. They have pledged to support working families and our children and signed onto a Discharge Petition that would avoid default without making extreme cuts to critical programs. It’s going to take all of us to fight back against the MAGA cuts to Medicaid and our schools. Make sure they know you appreciate their commitment.

Letter to the EditorLetters to the Editor!

Write a letter today thanking your member of Congress and encouraging them and other Democrats to continue to be fighters.

Use our LTE templates!
Call ScriptCall your Representative!

Thank Your member of Congress for saying no to the MAGA Default crisis and yes to saving K-12 Education and Medicaid.

Call your Rep!